Tuesday, April 12, 2011

JLee does...Grapefruit honey yogurt scones

Every once in awhile I find a recipe while blog-browsing and think to myself, I NEED to make this. I'm easily won over by 
1. beautiful food photography 
2. interesting ingredients 
3. anything vegan 
4. witty/funny food blogging which makes me believe that if I make the food of a certain blogger I will somehow become witty/funny too...not so much. :p 

Anyways, joythebaker.com is one of my favorite food bloggers and I say this recipe one day and thought, my goodness- grapefruit in a baked good- mon dieu! This is something I must try...so armed with my credit card in hand... I swallowed my pride and bought a full priced grapefruit at Giant Eagle (don't even get me started on their outrageous produce prices) and some Greek yogurt that would allow me to make those baked beauties. 

That night I dove into the dough with my hands and got MESSY. I zested, juiced, and segmented that grapefruit (though not Ruby Red as desired by the recipe) til my arms hurt. The recipe calls for making what sounded like a divine "grapefruit sugar" by mixing the zest with sugar and pounding them together. The final result.. (you were hoping something out of this world huh?) was something interesting, with moderate grapefruit flavor, but not something I would make again (weh wehhh). Joy, I still love you and your blog.
Grapefruit honey scones, though I will admit, it was my first time making scones!
 Check out that lovely yellow grapefruit zest + sugar

However, I comforted myself by making a simultaneous batch of fool-proof Ghiradhelli turtle brownies, YUM.
I loved baked goods, can you tell? I only hope that I always will have others to unload calories onto share with. ;)


csk said...

YUM. we have to brainstorm what to cook when you're HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED is it may yet?

Jessica said...

May can't come soon enough- we're gonna take the city by storm and make some epic food! :D

The Kitchen Kook said...

I made Joy's scones, too! Except I used peaches - which I think made a big difference. You HAVE to try this version. It's like peach cobbler - in a scone!


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