Friday, April 15, 2011

Got that glitter on my eyes...

This past weekend a celebrity (I think even the most critical of you would still call her a celebrity! haha) rolled into town to play at Pitt's Spring weekend. Now, I don't usually like the artists that come for spring weekends- I remember a lot of rap artists coming to MIT (though I volunteered at a lot of these concerts, I can't say I ever appreciated the music), but this time I was  excited mainly because she has some hits that I love to dance to.
My top faves include- Tik Tok, Your Love is my Drug, We R who we R, Blow... you know those obnoxious dance tuns that play at clubs/radio. So you guessed it- Ke$ha came to town, in all her $$$ glory.

We had an unreal weekend of AMAZING weather (high of 80s on Sunday) and it was like we were destined to live out our Sunday like undergrads without a care in the world. The concert had a great showing- tons of hipsters/girls covered in glitter and I thought she gave a good performance and was just as she thought I'd be. There were some super funky costumes and back up dancing, but I loved it all. Pitt Med students somehow coalesced amongst the mobs and we hung out on Schenley Oval afterwards. :)

 Check out the awesome animal hats they were wearing... Ke$ha is to the side of the stage.
 We're dancing like we're dumb-dum-duh-duh-duh dumb 
Pretending/Wishing we are hipster undergrads moshing at Ke$ha's concert! hahaha.. medicine has turned me delirious...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

JLee does...Grapefruit honey yogurt scones

Every once in awhile I find a recipe while blog-browsing and think to myself, I NEED to make this. I'm easily won over by 
1. beautiful food photography 
2. interesting ingredients 
3. anything vegan 
4. witty/funny food blogging which makes me believe that if I make the food of a certain blogger I will somehow become witty/funny too...not so much. :p 

Anyways, is one of my favorite food bloggers and I say this recipe one day and thought, my goodness- grapefruit in a baked good- mon dieu! This is something I must armed with my credit card in hand... I swallowed my pride and bought a full priced grapefruit at Giant Eagle (don't even get me started on their outrageous produce prices) and some Greek yogurt that would allow me to make those baked beauties. 

That night I dove into the dough with my hands and got MESSY. I zested, juiced, and segmented that grapefruit (though not Ruby Red as desired by the recipe) til my arms hurt. The recipe calls for making what sounded like a divine "grapefruit sugar" by mixing the zest with sugar and pounding them together. The final result.. (you were hoping something out of this world huh?) was something interesting, with moderate grapefruit flavor, but not something I would make again (weh wehhh). Joy, I still love you and your blog.
Grapefruit honey scones, though I will admit, it was my first time making scones!
 Check out that lovely yellow grapefruit zest + sugar

However, I comforted myself by making a simultaneous batch of fool-proof Ghiradhelli turtle brownies, YUM.
I loved baked goods, can you tell? I only hope that I always will have others to unload calories onto share with. ;)

Friday, April 08, 2011

Rainy Day Soundtrack

I've been discovering some amazing music lately- mainly courtesy of friends' recommendations and the 'Music Mondays' section of To my absolute surprise, some of my favorites appeared in a suggested mix set in this month's Glamour magazine. I figured I'd make those playlists and see how I liked them.. and I love them (I did some tweaking with the playlists)! With all this cloudy cold weather in Pittsburgh, here are some tunes to brighten your day-

Mix for Saturday Night Out:

Mix for Dinner at Home for Two-

Just finished up my Pediatrics outpatient community site this week... learned a lot for sure, and also got to know a more rural suburb of Pittsburgh as well. I never like leaving when I get to know all the doctors, nurses, PAs etc in one place, but c'est la vie...and there's and exciting weekend ahead that may involve surgical innovation and crashing a undergrad spring Ke$ha concert!!!