Thursday, March 17, 2011

End-of-3rd year - rut

Maybe it's the weather (ALWAYS cloudy, I'm so TIRED of winter minus snow)
Maybe it's the impending dread of my Acting Internship (May).
Maybe it's the fact that I'm not on the adrenaline high of Surgery anymore ( :(, more on this later).

In any case, I realize this past weekend that I was at a major lack of inspiration, motivation, joy for things that I, as a above-average happy person, usually am excited about. So... I did what I do best, I made myself a to-do list of things that would get me out of my funk.

Buying new vegan ingredients for baked goods, finding a cool new academic project, getting excited about my upcoming Spring Break trip to SF (yay, Angi!) were just some of the things I came up with. However, another thing I've been putting off for fear of the unknown was starting my own potted GARDEN!!!

Laugh all you want, I'm into my projects, and I was dead set on making this happen when we got our first glimpse of wonderful sunny weather (an omen, I say) of the weekend. So I jetted out of the cafe I was "studying" at and booked it to the nearest Loews. There, I wandered clueless among paper seedpacks til I dragged myself to Customer Service and asked for some gardening advice. There, I met Ben, a kind elderly gentleman who happens to be...*drumroll*... a gardener at the Phipps Conservatory, who would have thunk I would be getting gardening advice from an expert?! He quickly guided me towards what seeds he thought would work best and what soils I should use, boosting my self confidence that this WOULD NOT FAIL (famous last words, anyone?).

$30 and some moderate lifting later, I had all my supplies back on our porch.

The next morning, charged with energy from 12 hours of sleep (what can I say, I'm on ambulatory medicine right now) I dug out my dad's rubber gloves and DOVE IN.

How do you prepare pots for seeds?

  1. Fill 3/4 of the way with Potting Mix (you can get any variety, mine seemed pretty good Sta-Green $3.50 a bag)
  2. Fill the other 1/4 with special gardening mix (the bag said perfect for potted plants) that has little phosphorous pellets. Dunno what the reasoning behind this is. I just do what I'm told.
  3. Press in seeds or add them so that they are 1/4" covered. *see below for how I selected seeds.
  4. Water, and cross fingers!

Here are the seeds I choose. I wanted to see flowers during both spring, summer, and fall so I choose different flowers for when they would bloom. I also choose them to be around the same blooming height (or at least no 6' tall sunflowers that would easily topple a pot!). All these plants do well in direct sunlight which is what the front steps get (note the little suns on the bottom of the packets). 
I wanted vibrant, various colors as well. And I love herbs, so I did a pot of basil and oregano.

 Gettin' dirty.
The cleaned up finished product. I got some pansies for instant gratification. I watered these then moved them indoors (as the temperature still can get freezing).

Within a month or two I hope that some seedlings will be starting, will photo update then!


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