Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hey Boy

Just wanted to do a quick little post on a musical artist I learned about a week ago, attended the concert of last night, and who I absolutely love as of now!

She goes by "The Blow" and this is her myspace- Hey Boy is one of her songs, True affection is my current favorite.

Her music has a really great beat (the bass was off the wall at the Andy Warhol Museum where we saw her, I felt like I was in a club), and I wanted to get up and dance to all of her songs. Plus, she's quirky and does this fabulous one-woman show/transformation between all her songs, I was experiencing an eclectic taste from New York City, and I loved it :). When I love music, I listen to it 24/7 without rest, so as you can imagine I'll be moving on to another artist by the next week.

Thanks to my roomie who is up on all this neat music and tells me about these fun events to attend. And when word of mouth won't do.. the CITY PAPER rocks for unique new places to eat, events to attend-

I'm living up my post-surgery weekend... attending a fancy formal tonight.. will blog about that later!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Five Things

In honor of one of my favorite bloggers (, I'm listing the 5 things I'm really into right now- as in this weekend. These things are keeping me happy and sane throughout the weekend, my last big study effort before my surgery shelf on Friday (the end is so near!).

This is the newest cookbook I have picked up at the local public library (another thing I love). It's absolutely wonderful, full of fun color pages and delicious recipes. Having recently bought a bag of lentils I just made the "Old-fashioned lentil loaf" - it was flavorful and filling. Plus, I've never made a "meatloaf" before and I'm really loving it! I'm thinking this will be a nice post-AI gift to myself. :)

Valentine's Day- Fell in love with these Dove Dark Chocolates. They're soo good. I eat them at all times of day...they keep the spirits high during long surgery afternoons.

 Thoughts of how fun it's going to be to unwind at our annual medical school formal- Black Bag Ball. This year it's called "Rock the Boat" and held at the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium. Can't wait to dance this weekend!

Just ordered these boots 

'Annie Shoes Women's Baltic Faux Fur Boot' 

to keep my feet warm through the rest of the winter, they arrive on Tuesday!

A friend introduced me to this song "Rhythm of Love" by Plain White T's. I promise it'll put you in a good mood. I was in the singing mood after watching an amazing concert by our medical school acapella group "The PalPITTations". It was titled "Regularly Irregular" , a play on heart rhythms.