Monday, January 03, 2011

Ringing in 2011

2011, can’t believe you’re here! 2010 was a whirlwind of intense learning, getting introduced to life on wards, and also being a bit bolder in other areas of my life :).
Big things I’ve accomplished this year:
1.       Finished my 2nd year of medical school, consolidated all my first 2 years of learning into 7 weeks of intense studying and mental instability by taking Step 1!
2.       Eased into 3rd year clerkships with some great rotations. Completed my Medicine rotation (rite of passage I tell you!) and also my OB/GYNE rotation (was def stressed over doing well in this one).
3.       Become more social/made an effort to see different classmates and get out and enjoy different events! I’ve seen some great dance performances and musical performances this year (though I will have to say my first American opera experience was a miss).
4.       Played host to a flurry of friends who’ve made a special visit/carved out time to see me! It’s been truly wonderful to see old friends and showing off this city! 
CSK makes it to Pitt! We're at Phipps holiday gardens.

Housemates in front of our gorgeous tree! My first live one :).

Looking back at my resolutions last year (I had 5), I’ll have to say I am pretty happy with what I’ve accomplished. In perusing my old resolutions (I have records back to 2007), I tend to return to the same themes year after year, but also mix in some interesting ones every once in awhile. For instance, being green, staying fit and healthy are always a must, but at one point I had resolved to make sure I had a kick ass spring break (oh, the aspirations of a college student). It’s always fun to look back, but I have 10 resolutions this year and I very much look forward to trying to achieve them!

Onwards to 2011!


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