Tuesday, June 01, 2010

San Antonio- the home of the Alamo and land of post-boards relaxation

My family travels a good amount and every summer growing up we'd fly to some different part of the United States and tour that area. That being said, there are few states I haven't been to and even fewer major national parks I've never visited.
That being said- my mom decided we should pay a visit to the Alamo- and the city it is located in- good'ole San Antonio (most people will know this city for its Riverwalk, where Miss Congeniality 1 was filmed hehe).
I had a great time in the city, it was warm, people were friendly and I got my fill of salsa for the next 2 years. However, the Alamo was smaller than I thought and there isn't too much to do in the city other than walk the Riverwalk (which we did everynight) and eat local cuisine. Although I will say we were lucky in that we arrived during the weekend of the Fiesta a week long affair that culminates in a day long city parade and nighttime parade as well! I would have enjoyed the Fiesta more if it weren't so darn hot during the parade, I almost got heatstroke and couldn't imagine how the marching band kids were surviving in their hot uniforms.
We spent 3 days there and that was more than enough. We actually filled up the last few days there by wandering out of the city to a nearby art gallery (gorgeous) and caverns (creepy but cool!).

We frequented the local IMAX theater (one of the bigger attractions of the town mall, no joke), to see Avatar in 3D, amazing! and then a movie about the Alamo which was well done and i love that historical stuff.
The Riverwalk is super colorful with people cruising the water in motorized boats. We went to this restaraunt Casa Rio twice cuz it was good cheap food.
A float in honor of the fiesta!
Pretty carriage during the nighttime Fiesta!

Part of the small but beautiful gardens of the San Antonio
Cool caverns nearby, really astonishing formations and some of the caverns were ENORMOUS.
After San Antonio I got to continue being pampered by good food and mommy time as we did shopping and errands in Pittsburgh for 3-4 days. We also got to visit the Phipps Botanical garden the day before student IDs were no longer accepted for the summer! I particularly loved their 'gargoyle in the gardens' concept and found the coolest flower.
Anyone know what this is? I forgot, but it's so neat!


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