Tuesday, December 01, 2009

fall, all in one go!

How to sum up my entire fall semester in one go? I'll try my best.

Squirrel Hill:
1. I love living in this neighborhood. It's quaint, I feel safe, I think the hills present a good challenge when running and the foliage is beautiful in the fall. I've become a fan of the little shops at the intersection and in particular love studying in the 61C cafe and Carnegie library. Both have a lot of windows, so I feel like I'm appreciating the sunshine even though I'm just a pale bookworm of a med student (bye bye Sicilian tan).
Beautiful Fall

2. I love my housemates (also known from Halloween as fall, spring, and winter- guess what season I was?) and my med school squirrel hill neighbors! I love our house which has gotten more filled with furniture and is a lot homier than it started. Don't ask about our living room art that came from a dumpster...

Medical school:
1. I enjoy this 2nd year material a lot more, I can almost always understand in what's going on in medical tv shows and books now! Dreading boards, but starting to study for that so I don't freak out.
2. My classmates are wonderful as always. I grown closer to a lot of them, even though I worried about drifting apart during my summer abroad. We do fun things like go applepicking, go to ballets, celebrate post exam, random adventures that are mostly documented in all my facebook photo albums. I'm really grateful to be surrounded by so many talented people, being inspired constantly is a good thing.
The seasons
3. I worry about how I'm going to distinguish myself from a sea of talented medical students, this worry is kind of magnified now that I get closer to making more life decisions. This fall has been a pretty contemplative time for me, but I always like contemplation (can you tell from this blog?). Keeping positive is sometimes challenging.

Life in general:
1. I think I still maintain my old friendships well (mainly MIT and CHS), and if things haven't picked up from when I left Italy I'm working on it again! I went to my high school 5 year reunion this thanksgiving it was actually a great experience where I reconnected with a lot of old girlfriends from chs, middle school, I guess I wasn't as much as a nerd as I thought.
2. I'm trying to keep myself enlightened beyond the medical school bubble. I should try to keep up with world news (thanks to all the magazines my mom has ordered for me) and read books before bed.
3. These lists always turn into kind of new years resolutions things... but I'm trying to keep up with running and dancing (oh dancing! the opportunities are too few) and maintaining a healthy vegetarian lifestyle. Especially as we are learning about nutrition right now...

In summary, I'm looking forward to the next few years of medical school. Who knows what they'll bring, where I'll be in 2 years...


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