Saturday, July 11, 2009

Opera in a garden

To culture ourselves a bit, we decided to partake in some fancy opera seeing in the summer home of Palermo's music and plays, Teatro di Verdura (very far from the opulent Teatro Massimo theater, where performances occur the rest of the year) which was a well maintained garden and outdoor theater. It took some hassle getting there, but we arrived to quite a classy place, all lit by outdoor lights/lanters, where we were definitely some of the youngest people there.

We dressed up... in primary colors. hehehe.

We saw two short operas. One was called "Cavalleria Rusticana" and the other "Pagliacci". Both centered on themes of adultery and intense drama (wiki does a good job explaining what's going on, but even then the story lines are a bit complex). The story lines can get a bit confusing, so we printed out the synopses beforehand because we knew we could not understand the Italian!

I really enjoyed the second one, Pagliacci, which centered on a love triangle among clowns...I know, defitely a surprise hit with us. The costumes, dancers, and singers were all great. But the long drawn out singing and emotional scenes left us a bit confused and bored, I'm not sure I can appreciate another opera any time soon. But I'm glad my first opera experience was in Italy! The theater was nice, I enjoyed the night time air, not too many mosquitos.

Fun Picture: Later in the week, Xiao led us in our attempt to make white sangria. We had it all prepped on Tuesday and enjoyed it for our weekly hump day celebration. It was pretty good, potent, and the fruit was yummy. Salute!

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