Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Cefalu Paradiso

We had heard a lot about the quaint little town where the italian film, Cinema Paradiso, was filmed, so Xiao and I hopped onto a train and in 1 hour we were in Cefalu! We were immediately surprised by how small the town was, and pretty much saw all the attractions in about 3 hours. We climbed a really rocky staircase and path to the top of La Rocca, or the giant cliff above Cefalu to enjoy the view.

Morning over Cefalu, only half way through the hike. Flip flops were not a good idea. The eastern view from La Rocca.

We spent the rest of the day milling aimlessly (who knew idleness was so intolerable?) about the small touristy town and lounging on the beach (we didnt last long in the scorching sun). We were really hoping to catch dinner in Cefalu before heading back, so we waited til 5pm (Italians generally dont eat til 8 or 9!). We were the only souls in the restaurant, which we picked because it had this gorgeous view and stretched right to the water! Xiao tried the local specialty, pasta con ricci, or sea urchin pasta and I had a nice vegetarian dish.

My lovely date for the evening, hehe, arent you jealous Larry?

Beach bumming.
Gorgeous sunset that we just caught! They were playing live music on the boardwalk.

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