Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Another Birthday Abroad!

My past 2 bdays have been spent abroad (turned 21 in India, celebrating in a disco club, and then 22 in Ecuador, enjoying time with a best friend :)), so ringing 23 in Italy seemed fitting! My birthday fell on a Monday, which is like ghost town evening in Italy, so we enjoyed homemade dinner, some wine, and then set out to get gelato before the shops closed. Xiao, the ever awesome friend, went in search of a candle and lighter for me, just so my brioche gelato (coconut and nutella) could be decorated just so. It was the nice chill and delicious bday I was hoping for!

To another great year!

Fun fact: Dans bday was on the 28th and mine as on the 29th. Dan went to meet up with his family over the weekend, so when he got back we all celebrated our birthdays together. For his bday, we got him a baller purple shirt (FASHION UPDATE: Sicily is head over heels about the color purple, we see people wearing this everywhere, sometimes pairing purple pants with purple shirts all in the same outfit), and for fun we all dressed in purple to go out! We ate at this quaint Osteria and then hit up some gelato at our favorite joint.

Another random picture. Fresh fruit is abundant in Sicily, in fact we buy our veggies and fruits almost everyday from fruit stands! I have enjoyed mini pears, apricots, and most of all fresh figs which I think are such a novelty! Here is what one looks like, kinda weird, but really yummy, you eat it skin and all.


NLee said...

MMmmMmmMmm... nutella...

csk said...

boo first birthday i haven't shared with you in a while! but at least you had a great time!!!!! :D maybe this year i can spend it with you :)