Saturday, July 11, 2009

And a pinchof salt...

We spent last weekend with a big adventure in mind, to travel to Marsala (land of the famous sweet cooking wine) and also view the large well known salt pans that produce fancy salt for more discerning tables. To our surprise (or maybe more to our expectations) we took a 2.5 hour bus ride only to find a small, sleepy town in which no wineries were open on the weekend. We did get to sample some Marsala wine in some specialty food stores, and I enjoyed it a lot. Alas, we quickly realized there was not much to do (besides the ship museum, which held some ruins from 200 B.C. found offshore of Sicily), and we promptly booked it to the salt pans hoping that we could see it, and then make it back to Palermo by nightfall. The salt pans covered a lot of area and definitely made use of the scorching heat, the windmills were originally used to grind the salt.

large white piles of salt + windmills = one of the more interesting/different landscapes in Sicily. I only wish I could have seen it at sunset.

I tried a few granules of salt, couldn't really tell if they were anything special, but.. you guessed it.. very salty...

We slept in Sunday, lazed about and then Xiao and I revisted the nearby beach, Mondello which I really enjoy.

That monday, we had some plans to hit up nightlife and dinner, Sicilian style. Our wonderful coworker LeTizia took us out to a nice bar a few towns away, near the ocean (oh the freedom you have with a car!). The crew!
We enjoyed aperitivo (appetizers and drinks before dinner, only starts around 8pm!). I had my first "bellini", which is apparently very Italian. It was like fizzy peach juice, not bad.

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