Saturday, June 06, 2009

Trattorias, Gelato, and some care-free beach going

Dan, fellow first year med student, arrived (literally on our doorstep) on Thursday. We set out to introduce him to the city and also seek out an English-Italian conversation group at a local wine bar (we were invited by an IsMeTT interpreter). However, directions to the wine bar were horrible and we ended up wandering around for about an hour til we hit a small trattoria on a side street. We had their fixed menu with antipasto, primo, secondo, then insalata. They made a "vegeteriano" version for me. Our dinner began at 8 and lasted until 11, meal pace is very very lax around here. Our waiter, Guiseppe, found us amusing as Americans and spoke to us for about 30 mins, suggesting places for us to visit etc. It was a really nice dinner out, my first nice meal out at Palermo! But not very cheap- about 18 euros for all those courses.

Antipasto- lots of eggplant (my best friend here) and some sweet potato balls, "panella" a fried chick pea slice (delicious!).
Dan enjoying antipasto as well! They got a lot of seafood in their dishes, mussels (cozze) and squid ink pasta (sepia).

Abbreviated saturday: Dan made breakfast in the morning with tomato (pomodoro) and mozzarella and eggs, yum! We then took a 30 minute bus ride for 1.20 euros to Mondello- the nearby beachtown to Palermo. There are lots of young people around and its super crowded on the shallow but long beach. The water was a gorgeous color, not cold like Maine (where my favorite beaches, and favorite summer memories are from) and I went for a short swim/wade. There are towering seaside cliffs surrounding the beach, a beautiful view. I also had the best dessert ever- gelat0 (pistachio and banana) served in a bun! We then walked around the entire cove (we were very very well covered in sun screen, dont' worry mom!). We stopped by the marina area and I had bruschette with a dense olive spread (I'm acquiring a taste for olives ;)). Headed back on the bus and was home by 6pm, I made a roasted eggplant pasta for dinner.

Yay!!! Xiao, Dan, and I - Pitt Med 2012!
Gorgeous cliffs
My absolute favorite culinary experience so far. Gelato (pistacchio and banana) in a bun, totally unexpected but wonderful. * beams *


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