Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pasta, Vino- Va Bene!

We've been getting a good amount of exercise each day by walking to and from the hospital- about a 50 minute walk/saunter each way (apparently you burn 100 calories per mile, our route is about 2.5 miles), so not bad. We pass this awesome discount supermarket which is close to the hospital and we've been eyeing the 2 euro wine for awhile but didn't want to walk back home with gallons of liquid. Taking matters into our own hands and armed with bus passes, we brough duffel bags to work one day, loaded up on wine and food after work, then took the bus home. It was a brilliant.
We got all this for 20 Euros! We totally could have loaded up more. We made eggplant parm that night (work of master chef Dan) and enjoyed a bottle of white wine. Along those lines, we've begun rating all the bottles of wine we've had so far and placing them next to each other-the collection is rapidly growing and I will take a picture of the finished line up at the end of the summer.

We took a walk to a park we've heard about near the ocean in palermo. You can see the port/cruise ships in the distance. It was a nice green grassy area, kind of rare in Sicily, surprisingly. There were also quite a few joggers, also a rare breed in Sicily.One night, Dan's friend, a young gastroenterolist fellow Gabe, took us out with his visiting physician friends from Florence. They were a really fun bunch and we went to a trattoria where Xiao tried the local Palermo special- Pasta with Anchovies! We had strawberry and white wines as a group and enjoyed the cultural exchange :).
Our new Italian friends!

Ah, and what does "Va Bene" mean? It basically means "it's all good" and people say that a lot here. Life is wonderful, summer is great! Va Bene!


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