Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mondays... aren't so bad!

Xiao and I got monday off since the Cath lab was undergoing some maintenance so we took advantage of our free time to go and see some of the local sights- mainly the fortress palace of Palazzo dei Normanni, once the center of a magnificent medieval court and now the seat of Sicilian parliament (Lonely Planet). Hours are pretty sparse here in Sicily, every place takes a break for lunch (so we had to wait for the place to reopen at 2).

The gorgeous Cappela Palatine inside the fortress, apparently Palermo's finest site. The gold mosiacs (all the pictures were mosiacs!), were very beautiful.

For fun, I saw this statue I really liked. Life imitates art... maybe?After a lazy monday, Xiao and I were treated out by our coworkers from the Cath Lab (RNs, and radiology technician)- LeTizia, Magherita, and Vito. They took us to the most posh and beautiful outdoor bar I've ever been to. We were literally on the ocean and watching the sun set. I was awe-struck, especially after my mojito.
What a hidden secret! We were treated out to a very very nice and expensive dinner by some medical equiptment guy (probably would not fly in America...), but it was a wonderful evening!


NLee said...

Beauuuuuuutiful pics! Love the dancer :-)

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