Friday, June 12, 2009

Gelo di mellone- dessert extraordinare?

Our wonderful Pitt med mentor and IsMeTT advocate, Dr. H visited us (he's performing some surgeries at IsMeTT as well) and invited us out to a wonderful dinner. We went to Focacceria San Francesco, a restaurant since 1934 that's tucked in a little square near Cattolica's Princes Chapel. We, of course (certamente, I love injecting vocab into my writing whenever I can), ate outside on the warm night. We were really spoiled with getting an antipasto, primo, secondo, and dessert- which is pure gluttony and way too much food in my opinion! I had an antipasto rustic, eggplant and tomato spaghetti, and eggplant roulades with pine nuts and raisins stuffed inside. It was wonderful with our white house wine and we learned a lot about Dr. H's past travels! Dessert was quite the experience and has led to Xiao and Dan making fun of me whenever I have to chose desserts. Read about my poor decision making here, under the title Sicilian Food.

dan, Xiao, Me, and Dr. H during out secondo course!
My eggplant (melanzana) roulade dish. I took most of my dishes home by doggie bag- a total foreign concept to Italians.
Me with gelo de mellone- a special watermelon dessert to Palermo. It tasted pretty much exactly as I expected. The experience was enhanced by hysterical laughter from Xiao.
By popular demand. Christmas elf gear. What I wear to work everyday, here I am in the room right next to the Cardiology office! We get to see procedures going on here everyday- cool!


Chloe said...

Rock those scrubs JP!!

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