Saturday, June 06, 2009

Festa della Repubblica

Our second day of "work" was actually an Italian holiday! Considering we ended work at 2pm our first day and we get our second day seems pretty wonderful so far. The holiday today is called "Festa della Repubblica", this day commemorates the institutional referendum held by universal suffrage in 1946, in which the Italian people were called to the polls to decide on the form of goverment, following WW2 and the fall of Fascism. There were 12,717,923 votes for a republic and 10,719,284 for the monarchy. I guess it's similar to their 4th of July perhaps? In anycase, Xiao and I took advantage of this day off to do a walking tour of the city. We wandered south to the "Old City" on a hot and windy day.

The interior of the "cattedrale". Not sure what this cathedral is called, but it's beautiful!
Me in front of the cathedral! Which is conveniently located right nearby the adminstrative offices of IsMeTT.
We are literally 2 blocks away from the port. Tons of cruise ships here, perhaps I could stow away? I kinda wish we had a beach within walking distance though.

We live near a lot of piazzas- which I think translate into plazas with lots of old relics and buildings. This is Piazza Settimo. We ended up wandering very far south til we hit Piazza Parlmento (Parliament building?) and then we got some delicious gelato as a reward for walking for about 2 hours. Then we walked back home and made dinner!
Xiao and I made a delicious culinary creation- Pizze de Xiao e Jessica? haha. We bought this huge round loaf of bread for less than 2 euros and put tomatoes and zucchine on it. Deliciousso!A nice Palermo street view. Gorgeous mountains in the background!

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