Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reflecting back on MS1

I know the posts have been sparse this semester, but I will say that coursework definitely picked up (and became more interesting, amen!) and that extracurriculars consumed anything left of my spare time, well that and spending time with friends. :) <- they really do make the world go 'round!

As I look back on this year, I'm so happy I came to Pitt and medical school. I've met some of my best friends ever here (to add to all my wonderful friends that have stuck with me from high school and college) and I've also learned so much. Though some days are long and coffee makes me irritable, I'm always invigorated after a patient interview and exam and monotonous days of studying don't get me down anymore. A lot of my classmates have experienced doubt over their decision to come to medical school- the hours, the memorization, the little importance you feel as a first year- yet I haven't doubted my decision to be at medical school at all. It was just meant to be.
I've never felt more at home among my classmates, the more I get to know everyone, the more I'm so happy and privileged to be in the same class as them all. As diverse as medical school student bodies are (there are 150 or so of us after all!), I still think we all are intuitively a little bit similar in one way or another, and I can sense that I'll be true friends with a majority of my class before the end of the next year. When I first arrived in Pittsburgh, after that 12 hour drive of misery from Boston, I was in a horrible mood and could not have been more turned off by the cloudy and suffocatingly hot city that laid before me. However, through the seasons, the exams, the party weekends, I've explored the city a good amount (more than I've explored Boston!) and I've fallen in love with it unexpectedly. My top five favorite places in Pittsburgh are:
  1. Favorite Zen Study Spot: The bamboo garden at the Carnegie Public Library (Oakland), when the weather's warm and the bamboo's swaying in the wind, it's like going on a vacation :D
  2. Favorite Hipster Study Spot: The second floor at Kiva Han, my home away from home with occasionally "ok" music selections, thought-provoking angry hipster quotes in the women's room, and delectable carrot creme muffins
  3. Favorite Brunch Place: Zenith in Southside, this antique shop turned vegan brunch extravaganza is like you just landed in Alice in Wonderland... with at least 10 vegan cakes to choose from.
4. Favorite museum/gallery: A tie between Phipps (their gorgeous spring flowers) and the installations at The Mattress Factory.
5. Favorite place to soak up the sun and chill: Schenley Plaza, on the lawn if you're in need of some sun, and under the tent if you need some shade hehe.
6. one extra one! Favorite Bar/Neighborhood Grill: Harris Grill, though you didn't sponsor our date auction, we still visit you at least once a month, we love you harris.

Goodbye MS1, and MS2 I'm not quite ready for you yet.


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