Wednesday, May 06, 2009

circle of life, cliche i know.

restarting the blog a bit-

this past weekend was a wonderful one- everyday was sunny and in the 70s-80s. College kids all over Pittsburgh just enjoying the sun :). On Friday I went to go talk to local high school kids at a Career Day, attended our remembrance ceremony for the families of all the people who donated their bodies for our anatomy studies, and then attended a baby shower I helped organize for the PALS program (Pregnant Adolescents Learning with Students) that I'm now one of the coordinators for. Talk about really feeling the extremes of both joy and sorrow in one day!
the interior of heinz chapel, all the med students sat at the back, the families were at the front
Heinz chapel on a sunny day

I felt our class did a spectacular job with making the remembrance ceremony something really special and touching for all those who attended (all the families of the 75+ donors were invited), it was held in the gorgeous (non-denominational ?) Heinz church right near our school. Many of my classmates attended and a core group of them organized all the details of the ceremony which had poem readings, singing, and music. The cello, violin, and piano piece was so lovely, I'll never forget it. It's been awhile since I sat in a place of worship, but I liked the feeling. Also- I can't imagine a more worth cause to donate your body too (besides organ donation), but I'd like to donate my body-not sure how that process works though.

PALS coordinators 2009-2010 :)

The PALS baby shower went off without a hitch and I was able to see my PAL with her 4 month old beautiful baby boy! PALS is a program where you mentor adolescent mothers and go to all their third trimester appointments with them/attend the birth(!)- I was so fortunate to have a PAL that allowed me to share such an intimate experience with her and let me be her friend. It was basically a super exhausting Friday, but I was beaming by the end- from the culmination of experiences.


Anonymous said...

:) i can't wait to see you when you're back in boston :) :)


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