Sunday, February 08, 2009

Food blogs I lust after.

So.. I have this obsession with food blogs. I kinda just love looking at pretty pictures of other people's culinary creations (yes, even (especially) if they involve meat). Angi and I bond over this and I've shared some of my favorite blogs with her, but it's time I shared them... with the world wide web. And yes, I do have a test in two days... but I just studied the whole day and finished a PBL presentation- thus you get this post.

A lot of these have/will win blogging awards, but they are also my personal favorites:

1. MY FAVORITE FAVORITEEEE- - her life story is like a fairytale and she blogs about delicious food, her amazing photography, what it's like to go from an LA hipster to being a cattle ranchers wife... I absolutely love it. You can spend hours on this site and her sense of humor is sooo mine.
2. CUTE BLOG NAME!!- SmittenKitchen - again, fun recipes, beautiful photography that makes me want to lick my computer screen, but it's initials are SK! (which = squirrel killer.. or Sigma Kappa, both parts of my life :)).
3. VEGAN FRIENDLY!! - VeganYumYum - i love this name too. And its totally vegan food! Only downfall is relatively infrequent posts and sometimes its food I just wouldn't want to make/really enjoy eating.
4. FOR THE ASIAN IN YOU: Adventures in Bentomaking - this lady is so creative with her food, I can't imagine how much time it takes. But she manages to make rice boxes more appealing than I've ever seen.

5. DELISH- Bakerella - again gorgeous photography, cute website, very girly, love it.
6. FANCY - Tartelette - a bit too fancy for things I would undertake in the kitchen, but I still like looking at what she makes.

So go and procrastinate! Have I made any recipes from these sites? No.. not really, but they inspire me regardless. I also like watching (they have whole episodes now!) and Mark Bittman on

Oh wait! I did make a recipe from online. Here are my pumpkin cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting from this nytimes recipe. I made the cake, and I made these with the leftovers for Thanksgiving potluck. Do you like my artsy food blogging photography? Eh, me neither.

Also, to keep you all tech-y, keep track of your favorite blogs using Google Reader (like an RSS feed, you can even follow my blog this way!) and I pull my favorite recipes straight from the web using the highlighting and post-it note application- Webnotes.

Happy reading!


Stephanie said...

Hi Jess!

I have a food blog recommendation:
Droolworthy cupcakes!


Cerulean Bill said...

Hi -- I came across your blog after doing a Google search for a phrase used in a prior comment (I'd gotten the same one on mine, thought 'is that a machine?', and - sigh - it was.) I like what you say about food blogs. I have to periodically purge my RSS reader of them -- there's no way I'll ever read, let alone do, all those recipes. And yet...they keep coming back, just showing up, like wire hangers in the closet. Where did all those hangers come from?

Take care. And enjoy Pittsburgh. Never been there -- I live in midstate PA -- but I hear nice things!

Anonymous said...

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