Sunday, February 08, 2009

Food blogs I lust after.

So.. I have this obsession with food blogs. I kinda just love looking at pretty pictures of other people's culinary creations (yes, even (especially) if they involve meat). Angi and I bond over this and I've shared some of my favorite blogs with her, but it's time I shared them... with the world wide web. And yes, I do have a test in two days... but I just studied the whole day and finished a PBL presentation- thus you get this post.

A lot of these have/will win blogging awards, but they are also my personal favorites:

1. MY FAVORITE FAVORITEEEE- - her life story is like a fairytale and she blogs about delicious food, her amazing photography, what it's like to go from an LA hipster to being a cattle ranchers wife... I absolutely love it. You can spend hours on this site and her sense of humor is sooo mine.
2. CUTE BLOG NAME!!- SmittenKitchen - again, fun recipes, beautiful photography that makes me want to lick my computer screen, but it's initials are SK! (which = squirrel killer.. or Sigma Kappa, both parts of my life :)).
3. VEGAN FRIENDLY!! - VeganYumYum - i love this name too. And its totally vegan food! Only downfall is relatively infrequent posts and sometimes its food I just wouldn't want to make/really enjoy eating.
4. FOR THE ASIAN IN YOU: Adventures in Bentomaking - this lady is so creative with her food, I can't imagine how much time it takes. But she manages to make rice boxes more appealing than I've ever seen.

5. DELISH- Bakerella - again gorgeous photography, cute website, very girly, love it.
6. FANCY - Tartelette - a bit too fancy for things I would undertake in the kitchen, but I still like looking at what she makes.

So go and procrastinate! Have I made any recipes from these sites? No.. not really, but they inspire me regardless. I also like watching (they have whole episodes now!) and Mark Bittman on

Oh wait! I did make a recipe from online. Here are my pumpkin cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting from this nytimes recipe. I made the cake, and I made these with the leftovers for Thanksgiving potluck. Do you like my artsy food blogging photography? Eh, me neither.

Also, to keep you all tech-y, keep track of your favorite blogs using Google Reader (like an RSS feed, you can even follow my blog this way!) and I pull my favorite recipes straight from the web using the highlighting and post-it note application- Webnotes.

Happy reading!