Thursday, January 29, 2009

i can do it your way.. but dont' get crazayyy

Getting back to med school was strangely comforting. You always have a lot of work to do, or something to take care of, and if you go to school you're surrounded by interesting people and friends. A more grown up version of college I guess? Any ways I was happy to be back. The first 2 weeks back, everyone I possibly knew had birthdays- apparantly capricorns are very type A and med school-y but I just know of them as some of the most caring and supportive peopel I know :).

See photos of our social outings here. In 1.5 weeks I studied for Fuel Metabolism like nuts, raised almost $1000 for diabetes research through a date auction Natalie and I threw with APAMSA- mommy and daddy, i swear i studied during this time!

Some highlights:

We rode in a limo for Erica/Niyathi/Vig's bday! That's what you can get for $10 a night in pitt, not bad not bad.
Packed room for our date auction! :) Thanks to all who came and supported the cause!
visited my dearest betsy pie at Yale for the long weekend before the inaguaration. I had such a blast meeting her friends and enjoying my first real relaxing post test weekend. Love you mei. More pictures to come.
Bringing in Lunar New Year with most of the MS1 asians. I had food I almsot died over, it was so good. thanks to meme and yinjie for being wonderful wonderful chefs. We also rolled dumplings afterwards, I feel like we're becoming our parents and i love it.

Happy year of the ox! (shout out to mommyyyy).


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