Thursday, January 29, 2009

attack of the snowbots.. into 2009

We had a flurry of finals starting from dec 12 or something like that. We all basically lived at the neighborhood coffee shop, Coffee Tree Roasters. Mirat and I started bringing dinner and eating it in front of their big fireplace, we're THAT cozy there. Sometimes we even take off our shoes, but don't judge us. Anyways, the weeks went by in a blur- first genetics, then ethics, then Intro to Physical exam, then Biostats- lots of finals WHEW.

Ok, I'm kinda weird. But I organized everything the night before my flight back home for Christmas- and here's my whole first semester of med school on a shelf! It's kinda of crazy and painful to think that I once knew every single page in these syllabi/books/notebooks (they're dense!. I'm not kidding- that's what med school does to you, make you vomit out books whole- trust me it hurts.

We had a few fun days before the end of finals tho! Jess M. hosted a delicious holiday dinner at her place, we enjoyed the food and dessert while watching that holiday classic- Elf. Doesn't Amy look adorable in reindeer antlers? :) Mirat and I also had a secret santa exchange amongst some friends at our apartment, it was a good time, I got exactly what I wanted thanks to (awesome online tool)- leopard print earmuffs!!!
secret santa girls :), dont' look under the stairs... mirat and I dont' clean that often :P.

Ok. my flight was delayed going home, I got to catch the semester end party which was fun, but then I had to get up in 2 hours to catch my 5:30am at CMU and flight outta pittsburgh- ouch.

Got back to good ole Chelmsford, my hometown.. of my whole life. It's cold in our house, so my clever mother decided.. NO MORE OF THIS LET"S GO TO MIAMIIIII!!!
And we obeyed, and we had a good time! We toured Little Havanna on Christmas Day, looked at the art deco strip, went to a few museums, a few fancy mansions (owned by the Deere family of John Deere tractors since like the 1800s!!), and a few botanical gardens, all that stuff asian families do!

Bets and I on Miami Beach, it was warm, we went in the water, which was cold, so we ran out and my mom took a lot of pictures.

Bets and I at a beatiful historical home of the Deere Family. We arrived back to frigid Boston on New Year's eve. I rung in 2009 shoveling our untended driveway, it was awesome. I spent my remaining time at home (med school started up again on jan 4) visiting childhood friends and making a trek into Boston to see the MIT kiddies. Met up with Csk, Ptar, and Yeem- went to Pho in Harvard square and then played the night away with our favorite game ANAGRAMS and telephone pictionary (if you dont' know how to play I will teach you!). Had a sleepover (not sketch!) and then had brunch together.
I really miss college.
but on to med school and 2009!

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