Saturday, November 01, 2008

Spooky October

The weekend after our anatomy final we drove off to nearby Philly (5 hours, I forget how long this state is) to the national APAMSA (Asian Medical Students Association) conference. Pitt paid for the whole thing! It was a great weekend of learning how medical issues take into account ethnicity and networking with students from all over the country! I was really pleased to see quite a few recent MIT alums at the conference, it really is a small world! We took the last day off to explore Philly, I love all the historical monuments and houses the city has. We visited Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross' house, and old city. Of course, no Asian medical conference weekend would be complete with out a last meal in Chinatown!

The APAMSA delegation from Pitt with our faculty adviser, Dr. Lee

Girls in front of the Liberty Bell
Cell Bio is our new block and we are now learning a lot of old stuff (cell cycle, growth factors) mixed with new. In particular, we learn pathology, and are able to identify lots of different cell types from slides. It's a lot of brute memorization, which makes it hard to study for long hours, but they do try to put many clinical references and cases in our course work.

The weekend after APAMSA, I had a booked schedule! I participated in my first ever flag football game (I went to 2 practices where I looked like a fool doing drills around the field and trying to catch a football), but when the big day came for us to play against the MS2 girls, I was pumped! Our team did great, we ended up losing (only by a bit), and so much of our class came out to cheer. Despite the rain, it was a great time :D.
Team spirit, like our shirts? (photo by Josh Levenson)

After the game I carved pumpkins with the elderly, to give the geriatrics field a try. It was a fun event, but definitely difficult to see how some elderly no longer could talk to or understand me.
Our beautiful pumpkins!

Still pumped from the APAMSA conference, we held out annual Diwali event for Pitt Med. We had such great MS1 attendance and everyone enjoyed the performances, dancing and food. Natalie and I had helped organize performances for this and it was rewarding to see so many people at the event.
Aren't we a good looking bunch? APAMSA board at Diwali
Diwali- festival of lights!

Continuing on with my booked Satudray- I ran over to the med school dorms to visit my dear friend Amy. She's like a mom to all of us and had a caramel making event. The caramel apples were DELICIOUS, we dunked em in crushed walnuts and M and Ms. Thank you Amy!

I love this New England type stuff!

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