Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Living from one test to another

We learned the equivalent page volume of 7 weeks of anatomy for our 3 week cell bio test, whew, what a brain drain! Thus, we all celebrated with a much deserved sushi buffet- so delicious and just hit the spot for my Asian food craving. We drove out 10 miles just for the occasion which involved running across highways and jogging across parking lots just to reach the destination! As a vegetarian, I was still happy with the selection and of course I was delighted with the red bean and green tea icecream for dessert. We were all in good moods, and not quite ready to start our second cell path segment just yet...
Large group made it out!
Yeah, I was in heaven :).

Our class is really social, so we also visited 3 different election night gatherins, all which were very fun. The excitement that night was contagious!
I wore blue and red for the occasion.
undergrads begin rioting, med students join in!
After a week of Indian summer weather and intense studying indoors (boo), we emerged to enjoy the weekend only to find it had turned.. freezing! Nevertheless we hit up Pittsburgh Neighborhood Narratives, a film of short films of different areas of Pittsburgh (Think "Paris, Je t'aime, and go culture yourself if you haven't seen that). The last screening (we just made it!) was held at a bar called FireHouse in the Strip District (where one of the short films was centered around).
We enjoyed free gourmet popcorn, yum

Many of the short film makers made it there and talked about their work! it was a great show

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