Wednesday, November 12, 2008

And into November ...

The thing about med school is that tests often fall on Mondays and you start a new section on Tuesday- so you can always be learning.. and burnt out. This also leads to somewhat lame weekends before exams, but I never let that common perception stop me from doing new, fun things.

So the Friday before our 1st cell and path test was Halloween. Mirat and I played it pretty chill, but our friends got us to go out for a late night bite to eat in Oakland. We arrived, dressed up, and were the only ones who had done so.. and thus were ridiculed. Some great costumes were around that night- several Michael Phelps, Sarah Palins, and Joe the Plumbers :).
Mirat is a cat burgular...hehe
The crew goes to Fuel and Fuddle in Oakland to celebrate Halloween

Pitt Arts is amazing, and I got tix to see the ballet, Great Gatsby for $15, including a gourmet cupcake reception where we got to hear the artistic director of Pitt Ballet talk about the production. It was a really classy night, and the perfect study break. The ballet itself was very different, I wasn't a huge fan of all the 1920s music they used, but it was "interesting" and entertained me.

The performance hallGirls night out to the ballet!

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