Saturday, October 18, 2008

No more Anatomy :(

We were given 3 hours for the anatomy final (130 mult choice questions) but I decided I had done my best and turned my test in about an hour early. Having Honors/Pass/Fail is a decent system, since you know that you will be in some great company if you Pass, and Honors (top 25 kids/150 kids in the class) sometimes just isn't worth beating yourself up over. I'll really miss anatomy- my lab group was the best, our teacher was so great and encouraging.

I destressed by working out at the student gym, walked over to the public Carnegie library and read for a bit. Then Amy hosted a wonderful post-test wine and cheese party- it was so nice to see everyone without the stress load we've had for the past few weeks!
Destressing :)

That night we celebrated some long awaited birthdays (everything gets put off til after the big test), everyone was so merry!

Oh yeah.. and continuing on the weird artsy stuff we do here: this weekend we saw an opera about aliens in the middle of a park. It was rock music with psychedelic singing, and at some point we all chanted "tilt the dish" at the sky. It was called SQUONK OPERA ASTRO-RAMA, and if I may so say, that's one of the best names for a performance I've ever heard. It's part of Pittsburgh's Festival of lights and at the end they lit up the Cathedral of Learning (it'll stay lit every night into November with different designs!)
nicely lit cathedral of learning

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