Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gearing up for the Anatomy Final

Let's describe the weekend before our Monday Anatomy Final (cumulative 7 weeks).
We studied like crazy.. and then studied like insane people.. and then studied like we were zombies... it was a bit brutal. Our syllabus was 400 pages long or so, I knew every page (almost like the back of my hand)- and everyone else knew the material just as well too! I guess it's like memorizing Harry Potter #4...but I'd do that for fun anyways, haha.

We carefully planned to review for the final as the big day approached, so my friends and I could still attend some events we've been looking forward to for awhile. Pittsburgh always has a lot of cool artsy performances (at great student prices) and they dont' always fall on convenient days. But hey, we're flexible and the Friday before the written test (we just had our last anatomy practical on legs and arms (quite tough, since they flipped the limbs into confusing orientations)), Mirat and I took a break to watch a really neat ballet.

Here's the premise to the ballet: It's called Radio and Juliet and it's the epic love story done BACKWARDS to the music of RADIOHEAD. I had no idea what to expect but Mirat (who always encourages me to do interesting artsy things) and I bravely ventured downtown (yay, free bus transportation for Pitt students). I was completely enthralled and amazed by the performance which was at times really weird, but so incredibly beautiful nonetheless. It's the best dance performance I've seen in my life and I left it all giddy and happy. And now I'm kinda a radio head fan!
Watch my favorite scene of the ballet HERE.
This part was super cool, too, they all wear surgeon's masks but it's meant to be the Masquerade scene in romeo and juliet- the ending is the best, the guys were such amazing dancers :). WATCH!

Radio and Juliet :)

The next day we camped out at Keva Han and did some intense studying. But just across the street was student night at the local Carnegie Art Museum, so we took a break at 6pm to eat free catered food and enjoyed the art- the exhibition was called "Life on Mars". I didn't really get it... but sometimes art is lost on me...
Carnegie Museum, really pretty place!
Neato exhibit with ribbons that had people's wishes on them. You can take one, tie it aorund your wrist, and when it falls off the wish comes true. You can also leave your wishes and they may make them into ribbons for a later exhibit. I took the wish "Je voudrais retrouver l'amour".

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