Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Life in Chelmsford

Some of you have been wondering what I've been up to since arriving back from Ecuador. 7/9.

Well, as is typical JLee, I sleep about 12 hours a day (awesome!) and wake up at noon consistently. I then play around with my laptop (yay HP) for a few hours while also doing chores and errands in my house. Lately that time has been apartment hunting in Pittsburgh, which is strangely both annoying and exciting (i've never really looked for a place on my own before!). I'll be rooming with Mirat Shah another MIT student going to Pitt Med this year. As for the other waitlists, though things had previously looked "optimistic", apparently all waitlists have been "spookily" stable this year and no one has been really taken off. So I'm getting psyched for Pitt and learning a lot more about the school and its programs.

The Pitt FB group has also been inviting to me to all these awesome orientation events including a boat cruise (pitt has 3 rivers), an artsy museum crawl (home of andy warhol), white water rafting!!!, an amusement park visit and more.

In the afternoon I usually read (Pitt sent me the book " complications" by Gawande, a book about imperfect medicine) or bake (I've made banana and zucchini bread, yum). I then take a run around my town in the late afternoon, but generally that is quickly exhausting due to heat.
Then my parents come home and I cook delicious asian food with my mom or go grocery shopping (my family is very food-centered). Evenings wrap up with some online chatting, magazine reading, or PBS watching.

Some days I'll go with my dad to work and spend the day at MIT having lunch with my friends that are still here and then lounging around Baker dorm. It's a pretty relaxing summer.
Today, I brought a big birthday cake to MIT and invited 20 friends to come celebrate with me tonight, it's a good excuse to bring everyone together :D.

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Noel S said...

Hanging with your MIT friends is better than sliced bread!