Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ecuadorian Food :) YUM

Of course, trying new food has been a big part of this trip.

Christina and I absolutely love the fresh fruits and vegetables available here. They are so abundant in the summer! They make us pineapple, naranjilla (cross between orange and kiwi), guava, passionfruit, watermelon, tree tomato juices at our hostel and local restaurants. Salads are also very popular here and avocado is used heavily :).

Christina's favorite fruit- narajilla (no english name). Very delicious in juices.

However, local ecuadorians seem to prefer heavier, fried foods- alot of main courses involve rice, beans, heavy meats, french fries, fried plantains etc. It's pretty hearty and definitely fills you up. Thank goodness we hike around enough that I think the calories have not yet accumulated... famous last words.

Ecuadorian things we were told to try include-

Humitas - tamale-like , cornmeal with cheese in the middle Also interesting to note is that soups or sopas are popular and that ecuadoraisn like putting popcorn in their soups ! kinda like oyster crackers...


Noel S said...

OMG - this food looks so good!!! the narajilla is making me thirsty. it's fancy schmancy!

Anonymous said...

Not sure if it is, but la naranjilla looks to me like persimmon, a fruit which in my opinion tastes like a cross between a date and a ripe tomato.

Katherine said...

Nope, it's not. Sorry.
The persimmon has green seeds inside while the naranjilla has an orange middle and it's sort of like an orange but not really.

Jessica Lee said...

I would agree with Katherine, it's a much more citrusy fruit, almost like an orange!