Saturday, February 16, 2008

Passion without Words Sushi Roll- Adventures at Yale

Getting to New Haven is moderately easy but very overpriced ($30 on way compared to $15 one way to NYC). However, I arrived safe and sound at New Haven's Union Station. Betsy picked me up on Yale's Daytime "Saferide" and we had a delicious lunch of food truck drunken noodles. We then went to the mall which was an adventure. We're very spoiled in Cambridge to have the Galleria so close- Yale's nearest mall is 40 minutes away by bus! But it was worth it because I discovered the store 'Forever 21', fell in love, and lived stylishly ever after.
Our loot from Forever 21- under $80 for 11 things, including the jackets we're wearing! heheh.

After the mall we went to Yale's Sex Week Lingerie Fashion Show- quite an event! I was pretty amused by everything and also relatively shocked at how many (half-naked) white people there were vs. my comfortable bubble of Asians.
Yale's Sex Week Lingerie Show- risque!

Then we went out the the MOST delicious restaurant ever- Miya's, which specialized in exotic sushi. How exotic might you ask? Well...
top left- curry cauliflower roll, top- "killer squid roll" containing udon noodles, hot peppers, black beans, right- "voompa roll"- contains cream cheese, eggplant, + more, bottom- contains goat cheese, avocado and tempura mushrooms- SO EXOTIC AND DELICIOUS! (and btw, there was a 'passion without words roll' and used to be a 'naughty geisha boy roll' HAHAH)

The night ended with wonderful fried ice cream and bananas and a midnight workout in Berkeley College's gross gym (not many calories were burned by it's the thought that counts!).

Slept in, then went to Betsy's Chinese Dance Troupe's, Phoenix, practice. Met her Asian friends and had brunch in Siliman college, a beautiful, newly renovated college at Yale. The brunch was delicious and among many things I had a chocolate vegan waffle and grapefruits. Betsy was an awesome host and dragged me to get a bit of culture by watching " The Importance of Being Earnest" by Yale Reperatory Theater. The play was surprisingly funny amidst my fits of narcolepsy.
In front of the theater on a bitterly cold day.

Night fall arrived and then we had dinner at 'Hot Tomatoes' and Italian restaurant with Betsy's friends which I liked and all got my approval. :)
I like Betsy's friends :).
We then saw one of Yale's many a capella "jams" by the group "Out of the Blue"- a long but somewhat enjoyable concert. The night ended spectacularly with Rum Raisin ice cream at a local icecream shop "Ashley's". Wasn't motivated enough to work out. Bleh.

Woke up, had delicious dorm brunch, watched my sister dance for 3 hours/ danced a bit with them, studied in their new sweet underground library, had dinner with mom (who drove down to see us) and sis (yummy calzones)-tried to break into a secret society house, etc.

Can you believe we used to be mistaken for twins???

Slept in, went to Betsy's Women's Health class to listen to a midwife talk about midwifery (sounds funny when you say it out loud). Interesting perspectives and noted that people at Yale go nuts taking notes on their laptops. Imagine 30 girls around you ferociously typing everything the teacher is saying. Pouring rain, had lunch at Betsy's dorm's dining hall, drove home with mom :). For now, I'm enjoying Chelmsford and the delightful lack of fat in Chinese home-cooking. Will be back at MIT tomorrow morning.

Am experiencing anxiety about medical school, sigh.