Friday, January 25, 2008

Trip to NYC!

After sleeping in too late, Peter and I missed our reserved bus seats to NYC, but no fear we made it to South Station and picked up some quick Greyhound tickets. Trip from Boston to New York only took 3.5 hours which was great and we were dropped off pretty close to our hotel. Chelsea Star Hotel was in a good part of town, very subway accessible, has a certain unique decoration to each room. Peter and I ended up with the "Wizard of Oz" room which looked like it was painted by a five year old- Dorothy was hideous as was the warped yellow brick road. Painting aside, things were nice and clean in our room as well as the shared bathroom.
We arrived around 3pm so we decided to stroll 5th avenue before dinner. We window shopped, walked a lot (NYC was colddd), and took some fun pictures.

Peter, Stitch's dinner.
My pile of Stitches!! Courtesy of the Disney store.
Humungous Spider man blow up crawling down a building.

We were lucky to arrive in the middle of NYC's two restaurant weeks. We booked a reservation at the Indian restaurant "Amma's". It was in a quaint neighborhood (Midtown East) and we got several tastes of more eclectic Indian food. Soup, two appetisers, an entree, and dessert were flavorful and artfully presented. The restaurant atmosphere was very dim, romantic, and orange... :). There was also copious staff to replace all our utensils and swipe off our crumbs after each course. This wasn't service I was used to in Boston! So I began the meal with a tomatoe fennel light soup followed by potatoe cakes, toasted okra, and a stuffed phoori shell. My entree was red beet dumplings in peanut sauce served with jackfruit biyriani and a deliciously roasted cauliflower. We also got naan and raita (yogurt). I had a sweet and juicy gulab jamen for dessert and Peter had rice pudding. A great culinary experience to start off our trip!
Peter and I with our main course at Amma's.

After dinner we hunted NYC for a decent movie theater (not that easy to find). When we arrived, they had sparse movie times and I ended up seeing Juno again. It was well worth it and Peter liked the movie too. Afterwards we found a Starbucks (not too hard) and just chilled out there until we felt like going back to our hotel. Because its so cold our days are pretty much spent looking for cafes and sitting in them. hehe.

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