Thursday, January 24, 2008

Teaching Chemistry and Engineering Week!

This Sunday I subbed for my friend and taught 3 hours of Chem AP to local high school kids. It's great the MIT offers this option since not many high schools have all the APs. I taught them all about Solids and Liquids, Phase Diagrams etc. They were really smart, asked lots of questions, and participated wonderfully. I got chalk all over me but had fun.

This week is also "Engineering Week" at the Margaret Fuller House. I helped a teacher plan the activites for this week which involved building straw towers and designing aluminum foil boats. The towers were hard to construct given the materials weren't ideal, but some of the kids got really into it. However, aluminum boats were a resounding success with some boats holding up 40 beads before sinking! I was really impressed by the kids even if we were left with lots of water to clean up!

Building straw towers with paper clips.
Great tower!
Proud of her precariously standing structure :).
Kids crowding around to test their aluminum foil boats.
Some of the designs were really ..simple. For instance..this is a crumpled ball of foil and it held quite a lot!

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