Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some Art and Laughs :)

Our second day in NYC began at a fancy Mexican brunch place. Dos..Camiros? I forget the name. Anyways the food was amazing, thanks to Sherry and Ellis for joining us and suggesting the place. We started off with ordering their famous guacumole and chips. I got the Mexican eggs benedict which was a sunny side up egg on a japaleno and cheddar biscuit with potatoes and salsa on the side. And if that wasn't enough we got a complimentary with our meals and I got to glow with my fruity frozen prickly pear drink (pink and smooth).
With full stomachs we set to explore more of NYC with Sherry and Ellis. The shopping mood hit us so we went to SoHo (South of Houston) to window shop and browse furniture stores. I really like "CB2" a fancy ikea type place.
Next we went to the Guggenheim Museum near Central Park. Thanks to Ellis for scoring us free tix because of his company. Unfortunatley the museum was nearly 75% under renovation/installation so we only saw like 3 small rooms. I wasn't that impressed overall but the new exhibit (invovling 99 lifesized wolves) looked uber cool.

Peter and I in the Guggenheim. Behind us was closed but you can see the 99 wolves being set up.
The infamous duo.
Before we knew it the sun had set and dinner time was upon us. Time for a new restaurant and adventure! Sherry suggested an Italian place called "Don Geovani's (spelling?)" that is supposedly a chain in NYC? Anyways we met Sherry and Rani (her little) in the restaurant. It was kind like Vinny T's and a bit more upscale than most chains with candle lit dinners and a homey atmosphere. Peter and I shared a "Californian pizza" with artichokes, feta, peppers and more! how fitting for the Californian Ellis- Peter duo.
After dinner we wondered around the nearby Times Square, reading for news on the Democratic primaries in South Carolina. To Peter's deligh Obama won by a landslide and all was right again.
Peter and I then got cheap tickets to the local comedy club "The Laugh Factory". The line up was pretty good, I thought 2 of the guys were genuinely funny! The room was packed and I started glowing a bit after my "2 drink minimum" (most comedy clubs have this). But no fear, I finished up with a Shirley Temple. :D The show lasted about 2 hours and there were 4 performers.

First Comedian in line up at Laugh Factory.
The night was filled with humor and we were nearby our hotel so we didn't have to walk too far. Good for our tired feet!

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