Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Museum and Goodbye NYC

Our last day in NYC began with a fancy brunch beneath where Sherry works (Credit Suisse). It's called 11 Madison and seems like the kinda place "Sex in the City" would be filmed. Here is a beautiful floral arrangement at their doorway. White roses galore! Peter and I shared delicious Pecan Praline Pancakes with golden raisins and a rum sauce. Ellis and Sherry both had the frittata and I got to taste :). Of course the service was impeccable and I felt a bit out of place but it was fun being there regardless!Pretty rose floral arrangement at 11 Madison.

After brunch, Ellis, Peter and I headed to the Columbus Circle shops. We browsed around a bit and then took the Metro to the Museum of Natural History. Once there, Ellis again scored us free tix and we really enjoyed the space, animal exhibits. It was a great way to spend 3 hours and I even took a nap in the fish/water mammal room underneath a life size replica of a blue whale. Truly cool!
Me and Betsy ( a prehistoric dino creature).
In the dinosaur/early mammal exhibit.

We were pretty tired after walking the museum for awhile so we grabbed an early dinner of paninis at a nearby cafe. We then had a "Napoleon" which is like a cake version of a creme puff for dessert. SOOO GOOD!
As we waited for the Chinatown bus in Chinatown, we ducked into a warm asian bakery and I ordered a green tea egg tart. It was a bit liquidy but the flavor was not bad. I also got a little Chrysanthemum tea juice box, my new addiction.
My green tea egg tart! Kinda freaky looking.
Peter, very tired after a long day and ready to head back to Boston on the bus.

Honestly, Fungwah was better than Greyhound. The seats were more comfy and it was half the price. I'd highly recommend it!

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