Sunday, January 13, 2008

More Weekend Fun

On Sunday, I visited Angi at our sorority house to make use of the well-stocked kitchen and make blueberry and banana pancakes. They turned out wonderfully and my stomach was definetly beaming with them and some orange juice. Angi also made some delicious banana chocolate chip cake that I sneaked a piece of. shhh.

After our fun brunch, we took the T to the MFA and used our student IDs to gain free admission to the new exhibit they have there "Walk this Way". It's a unique idea of placing about 30 pairs of historical/radical shoes among ALL the exhibits so that you walk through the whole museum to learn about the history of the shoes and why they're relevant to the exhibit that their in. Totally a fun afternoon and I got to see a whole lot more of the MFA than I have in a while.

Beautiful couture shoes, based on Indian design. I want.
There were also a lot of artsy chairs designed as pieces themselves. Here's Angi with one of our favorites.
My favorite ballet shoes. In the same room as Monets and Degas'.

After our exhausting museum tour (my shoes were cute, but PAINFUL) we headed to the Prudential to window shop and enjoy some tea. We went to Teavana which is a great way to get a cheap, health beverage. I got a "Sweet Fruit Dreams" with honey and ice. Lots dried fruits and yummy flavors, and a deep red pretty color. :)

I also checked out a popular premed book "Body of Work" from the MIT library. (I'm really trying to utilize school resourced before I graduate). It's written by a medical school student and is about her reflections on mortality from her experiences in the anatomy lab. I find it well written and historically interesting so far.

Monday is a big snow day. Which means all Cambridge Public Schools are canceled. Which means Jessica has a day off!!! yay.

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