Saturday, January 19, 2008

lots of events!

Jan 3rd was the 3rd anniversery for Peter and I being together! We decided to celebrate (a couple of weeks late) at the restaurat where we had out first date. "Chili Duck" is an AMAZING thai restaurant. I didn't realize curry had that many differences, but they make it ridiculous wonderful here. I'm still dreaming about my green curry. And (suspiciously) our food came in 2 minutes. Well I guess we can't complain about that!

Peter and I :) after a yummy dinner.

Tuesday afternoon was the Great Humus Taste-off sponsored by MIT Hillel. Humus is basically the butter of my life. I eat it for lunch, for snack, all the time. It's filling, vegetarian, and soo tasty! I got to blind taste test 4 different humuses. Humus lovers filled the room and there were humus companies giving away free samples (heaven). I enjoyed Sabra's spicy pepper humus most. Delish!!
Sacred Humus Tasting Table.
This was also the week for movie promotions and celebrities!!! To promote his new movie "Jumper", Hayden Christiansen was at our physics lecture hall! It was a hugggee event, since the press was there and we had physics professors talking about the likelihood of teleportation (which is what "Jumper" is about). I think 1000 showed up and everyone was in good spirits, though a bit dorky and excited. (I had a row of Darth Vader masked kids sitting behind me, so funny!). We had a 15 minute or so sneak peak of the movie, then a teleportation physics lecture, and then Q & A with the director, Hayden, and two MIT physics profs.
The director of "Jumper" and Hayden Christiansen!!!
Power point presentation made by physics professors illustrating ways that Hayden could teleport.

It was a truly fun middle of the week. On Thursday, Christina and I watched the moving film "Hotel Rwanda" on the Rwandan genocide that occured in the early 90s. It was so well done. After the film a survivor of the genocide was there to speak about their experience.

Work at the Margaret Fuller House is going well. Exhausting week, with the theme being Civil Rights in honor of MLK.

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