Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Last day by the beach...

8/15 India's Independence Day! Lots of little kids in Goa running around waving flags, a lot are also flying kites.

Catherine and I woke up early this morning to investigate the possibility of doing yoga at the local ayruvedic center..but after a fruitless hike through a muddy residential beach road, we were informed that because it is low tourist season it is closed (a common explanation for most things we don't find). We do yoga on the beach, eat a hearty breakfast, lather on the sunscreen and rent a scooter for the day. Early in the morning we see a lot of fisherman reeling in their catch (lots of shrimp) and many locals swarming onto the beach to buy the fresh catch.

Men reeling in a fishing net.Sorting the shrimp in baskets to transport/sell.

Cat's much better at driving than I am and we spend about 3 hours going through the countryside and finding remote beaches recommended to us by local shopkeepers. The countryside is gorgeous, lots of palms, greenery and rice fields but the beaches aren't anything to type home about. We investigated Agonda and Patnem beach, both of which were abandoned-looking, covered in sticks and seaweed, with not very inviting muddy waves. Tired scooting around many kilometers to get to the next beach we headed home to Palolem, enjoyed a light Indian lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon on our favorite Palolem Beach. When sunset, we packed up and showered heading to the 'Cheeky Chipati' for dinner. For my last Indian meal, I had my favorite vegetable, bindi a.k.a. lady finger curry and enjoyed a classic Goan lime soda. We sure are going to miss Palolem beach and Goa!
Our hotel's backyard. Lots of animals about, including a pig!

Stormy skies and showers for most of the day...But it ends on a beautiful sunset

Catherine and I at the Cheeky Chipati, our last dinner!

Back to the U.S. by 8/17, can't believe it!!!

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