Thursday, August 09, 2007

Goodbye Delhi- Hello Goa!

Catherine and I departed the dusty, hot city of Delhi around 11 AM (after just completing our 40 page documentation of our report just before leaving) and arrived in a rainy, but tropical Goa (because of monsoon season it's low tourist season as well) Our trip map can be seen on Catherine's blog:

What we've done so far-
From Goa we traveled to Punaji, a very quaint and little town nearby a river inlet from the Arabian Sea. It's almost got a European feel and all the tourist's end up running into each other multiple times because it's so small! Goa is very much into Christianity and used to be a Portugese-run state (I believe). There are lot of beautiful churches and crosses everywhere. We stayed at a small guest house called Park Place Lodge and it felt like we were living with the family!

Along the riverside in Panaji (yes, I spell it differently all the time)
Beautiful church in the middle of the town. We got a chance to go inside where the architecture was quite a medley of many gold extravagant things.Catherine on the church steps.
Goan cake: 29 layers! Tastes like a creamy thick chocolate jello... yum.

We met up with two German sisters and went to visit a large local market in Maposa via bus. It was fun wandring around the spices, fresh fruits and veggies, and also looking at the variety of clothing and jewelry. Since Catherine and I are back-packing (it's amazing what you can fit inside a school backpack for 10 days) we didn't buy much. We then took a bus to Anjuna, famous for it's beachside Wednesday flea market that only runs around high-tourist season but we found a few small vendors none hte less. They were situated on a cliff right about the ocean and with palm trees swaying it was definetly a tropical shopping experience. I've found that my bargaining skills are pretty good or otherwise the sellers are desparate for business in low-season.
India's famous spices at the market. Such vivid colors!Cows..are everywhere. Here they walk the streets of Anjuna.

From Anjuna we went to Vagator- known for it's remote/rocky beaches. The view was spectacular and so green. We sat on a cliffy ledge just looking at the waves for awhile (very stormy and brown water, no one swims at this time of year) and walked some on the blackish rocky beaches. We were able to hike to an abandoned Portugese fort and were rewarded with a great view of Disco Valley (apparently great rave parties happen here around Christmas time) and Vagator Beach. The German girls met up with two Indian guys- Riesen and Vicki and we had tea with them. Later the guys took us to a nice eatery with good music right on the beach. Indian hospitality is indeed found everywhere!
Catherine and I by the Arabian Sea!

The beautiful beaches of Vagator.Our German friends Linda and Karoline with us in cloudy/rainy Vagator.

We head out early morning in search of breakfast. After a path through the "jungle" and alot of wandering in the rural streets we find "Chinatown" and have a wonderful meal of banana porridge, hashbrowns, toast, and tea for just about ~$1! And we find Internet right nearby, from where I write this post-
Cheap Breakfast! Banana porridge and a hearty meal with some chai of course!
Catherine and I will embark on a 13 hour train ride along the east Indian coast (should be beautiful scenery) to head even further south to the state of Kerala (famous for its jungle-like backwaters). We depart around 8 pm tonight and will arrive there in the morning. I am determined to write 3 med school essays on the train (why is Northwestern demanding my secondary app by 8/15?)... we'll see how that goes!

Missing Everyone!

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