Saturday, July 21, 2007

Shopping with a professor?

In the excitement over our project and getting then tons of things set up before our project could launch we canceled our weekend plans to Jaipur.

Julie and I spent our Saturday morning shopping with our supervisor/professor Dr. Miraj who is the Head of the Department of Healthcare and Philanthropy at RF, quite an interesting experience. Indian hospitality is huge here and it was nice to see Dr. Miraj in the market setting rather than behind his office desk. This kind of personal investment in fieldwork is something I wouldn't expect in America . Our MIT professors are caught up in so many administrative and lab duties I would never expect to go shopping with them!

Dr. Miraj on the back of a bicycle rickshaw. We went to a Fardibad market for supplies.

Crowded market sells anything you could think of: shoelaces to porcelain toilets.

Jackpot! Possible trashbins for project! We also picked up team tshirts, posters and decorating materials for our community awareness and education campaign about using the trashbins. It was a very productive day on our end (the rest of the team had gone to the community to scout possible locations for bins and to get the community's opinions about the project). Dr. Miraj was true to the concept of Indian hospitality as we were treated to paneer jalembi (delicious sweet doughy fried sugary syrupy dessert) and dried fruit lassi while in the market.

Jalebi, looks good doesn't it? (usually a shocking bright orange).
Also- our movie taste has branched beyond the Bollywood section. We recently saw the Indian drama called "Water" a moving and disturbing movie about Indian widows set in the 1930s. It's an incredibly beautiful film to watch done by the Indian woman director Deepa Mehta. I've seen her movie "Fire" (thanks to Amrita!) which was equally controversial.

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