Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Heatstroke :(

early morning fever + sweltering noonday heat in slums = Jessica with heatstroke

Sickness has been jumping from team member to team member and despite the good stretches of health for me it's hard to keep in mind that we're still in a foriegn country that our bodies sometimes still aren't used to the setting.

Regardless, I had felt well enough at one point in the morning to head out with the team. Yesterday, we went into the slums to survey households about what they believed their biggest problems were in health, education, and disability so we could find a starting point for our slum improvement project.
Priya and Sammy (Samridhi) surveying in a slum. Notice the several water containers

However, mid way through the nauseau and dizzyness got to me. I tried to keep drinking water but didn't feel like I could hold it down. My amazing teammate Julie accompanied me back home early- but the rickshaw ride was horrible. We got caught in noon day traffic and the heat totally overwhelmed me. My head started to feel like it was on fire and I started to lose feeling in my hands (very scary) which stiffened in an akward position. I couldn't walk too well or fast after we got out of the rickshaw so Julie called me a bicycle rickshaw so we could make it back to campus. Once I cooled down I was so incredibly relieved but I had a high fever for the rest of the afternoon. Lots of sleep, rest, fans and AC helped me return to normal temp and feeling better. Needless to say, it was my first experience in a long time with heatstroke (I used to get them in Taiwan when I was little), and it was a scary one!

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