Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fun Skit

Happy July 4th everyone! In India, the holiday hardly seems to have occurred. We were however invited to the U.S. Embassy in Delhi this weekend for a 4th of July celebration complete with fireworks and a barbeque. Sadly, we can't attend since we'll be spending the weekend in Bombay.

Today, we presented to the school children (grades 6-8) a play about things we have learned from all our surveying and advice we thought the children would benefit from. Themes we hoped to stress included the importance of girl child education, the need for proper sanitation/trash removal in homes, the need to boil, cover, use chlorine tablets in water, and the importance of getting all one's vaccinations on time. The kids definetly enjoyed the skit, which had been incredibly amusing to us when we rehearsed it earlier. Everyone in our team of 9 students was given a role and I played a school girl who had an important line of saying "Aap panni oballekay pee sekte hei" also known as "Boil your water!". It was tough memorizing a Hindi line and it took a lot of practice for us Americans to ace the fluidity of the language, though Yamilee was definetly the fastest learner out of all of us! At the end of our play, kids were eager to answer the questions to our quiz and we were happy to have had their attention and be able to give back to the community a bit.

Setting up before our play: Julie (aka 5th grade school dropout), Meenu (aka bossy mother-in-law), Mansi (aka informative health mobilizer), and Cat (playing herself).

Our audience :) minus a class that arrived later.

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