Thursday, July 19, 2007

Finding the perfect community to work with...

We next had to find a community that would be perfect for us to conduct a pilot project of our community sanitation program within.

Our criteria:
1. It has to be dirrrrty, lots of trash on the ground and in the waterways.
2. The people have to show an enthusiasm for changing their community for the better.

Woman sewing on her window. The waterways surrounding her house were narrow and congested with trash.

Yamilee, Musheer, Meenu, Dharani and Cat disucssing the possibility of working with the community they are in.

This area looks very dirty. This is the end of the waterway. All the waste that flows down this eventually clogs up and someone who's fed up will generally pull it out for the MCD (gov employee) to pick up and dispose of.
At the end of the day, it looks as if we had found the perfect community/small neighborhood to work with. It consists of approx. 180 families or about 8,000 people who live in a crowded area that still has room for local trashbin placement. They had some of the most trash we've seen as one of their streets is a small vendor/market place with eggplants and feces floating by in the waterways. I'm excited to work here, the area has great potential!

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