Thursday, July 26, 2007

Extra Extra Pics!

Some of my favorite photos from our first few days of community education:
Priya (in blue) acting as disgruntled community housewife who wants to know why we are here and what our project benefits are. Musheer (holding poster) advertises our project and slogan.
With space being extremely tight in the slum alleys, Meenu (red) and Priya (blue) gave one of their short skits on the steep stairs!
Catherine observing the skits. Women in the background are either watching or preoccuptied with household tasks.
Our beautiful red dust bin. We will be buying 10 of these for our bin implementation phase of our project on Monday. For now, the bin is empty of trash and is just holding Julie :). This is what happens when we are bored in our room and there is a tempting red dust bin stored with us...

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