Sunday, July 22, 2007


Today we visited Jamia Milia Islamia a university known for its social work. Specifically we went to speak to Dr. Neelam. We presented our idea to her and she definetly gave us good critique. It's not going to be easy to carry out our plan given our need to work with NGOs and the government, not to mention winning community support. It was a good reality check, but we still think our plan is feasible and appropriate.

Later in the day we got to explore more of India and start our "weekend". With Sony, 3 of us girls (Yamilee, Julie, and I) went to Sarojini Nagar (a huge market specializing in clothes). I bought a beautiful sari which I hope to put to use at some point!

A sari is just the fabric that wraps around one's body. They can range from $5 to $100 depending on the material and the quality/amount of embellishment. But that's not all, apparently you need a "fall" or piece of fabric sewn to inside of the front of the sari so your legs (after long-term walking) won't fray the bottom. You also need a "petticoat" or skirt to wear under the sari. Lastly, you must be fitted for a "blouse", the small top that is worn with the sari.

From the market we went to visit Sony's mother's family in Dwarka about an hour from where we live. The live in these huge apartment complexes called "societies". They are clean and safe, a good place to call home :). Her cousins were incredibly welcoming and their children were adorable. Julie and I got our haircut at a neighboring apartment-turned salon.

After our $3 trims/layers we kind of look like twins ...

Sony and her nephew, Shanu!

With Sony's family! Such great hospitality and a delicious dinner :)


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