Saturday, July 14, 2007

$5 of luxury....

Wandering around the Rai Foundation Meadows Campus~

The main walkway in Meadows. Lots of greenery and the buildings are pretty simple and sparse.

Today, we went to check out the campus beauty parlor owned by a small and cute Indian lady named Neena. As you can see below, they don't make beauty parlors here like they do in the U.S...
Nevertheless, this simple parlor offered all the basic Indian ameneities such as threading eyebrows and dyeing one's hair with henna (results in very reddish color, we were wondering whether henna would make any different on Cat's natural red hair :)). We went in and decided to get back massages (~15 min) which felt sooo nice after a long week's work and only cost us $2.50 each! It was pretty stellar treatment in an unexpected place. Campus beauty salon. Yes, its within those double doors and next to the shed.

Campus is small but uncrowded. Here's the basketball court where Catherine's been teaching me how to properly shoot and work on my layup, bringing back distant middle school PE memories!
Later that night we ventured into Faridabad, neighboring region to Delhi and found a movie theater! A 25 minute rickshaw ride only costs us about $0.15, since Faridabad's autorickshaws operate like minibuses. We were able to get tickets to the new Harry Potter movie (not in Hindi! and only about $3.00) and since I'm one of the biggest Harry Potter fans ever I was beaming through the entire movie, which I loved! Personally, I had imagined the Department of Mysteries to be a bit different but I thought Bellatrix Lestrange was perfectly cast.

So for about $5 I got a relaxing back massage and saw a Harry Potter movie! Not bad for a Saturday of western luxury :).


Anonymous said...

jess!!! i love your posts/pictures. hmmm - if only money here went as far as it does there. :-)
do you think you could also do my labwork for me while you're in india?

JLee said...

i love it when people comment, i love hearing from you all!