Sunday, June 17, 2007

Going to the Market and India Gate

Saturday is usually a day of work for India, but we decided to take our weekend off to explore India. We waited out the heavy morning rains before heading off to Lajpat Nagar, a huge market with booth indoor and outdoor vendors that sell everything from toiletries to wedding saris.
We ventured out on our own as a group of foreigners and made it to the market unscathed. There, we were delighted with the amazing variety of clothing for women-

A brief, and hopefully accurate introduction (thank you wiki!):

1. The salwar kameez consists of loose trousers (the salwar) topped by a long loose shirt (the kameez). It is commonly worn with a narrow scarf or veil called a dupatta which can be used to cover the head, or just draped over the shoulders. The salwar kameez is most common in the northwestern part of India.

2. A sari is a very long strip of unstitched cloth, ranging from four to nine metres in length, which can be draped in various styles (many specific to different regions of India). A choli, is the short camisole that is worn beneath it. This outfit often bares a portion of the midriff.

3. More modern, a lot of women I've seen have been wearing a "chorti (?)" top with jeans. This top is almost like a tunic and is long, reaching the thigh or even the knee. I bought a coral colored embroidered one and had it fitted all for under $6! Fabric here is so colorful and generally very light and thin.

We went into a fabric store to check out saris for Julie. Look at that variety and quantity! The sellers throw out sari after sari for you too look at, feel, and choose from.

After shopping at Lajpat Nagar we spent our sunset at New Delhi's famous landmark, India Gate. India Gate is a memorial and was built in the memory of 90,00 soldiers who laid down their lives during World War I. Located at Rajpath, India Gate is 42 m high and is popular relaxation area during the summer evenings. (thank you wiki!)

Christina and I in front of India Gate, just as the sun is setting :).

Another big landmark. Children playing in the pool and cooling off.

Fun food of the day:

Dessert! Left: Gulab Jamun, a fried sweet dough ball/ Right: Kulfi, Indian icecream.

L-R: Christina, me, Catherine, Sony, Yamilee, and Julie all enjoying our first "fancy" meal at Chicken Inn

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