Wednesday, January 04, 2006

what a year! and a good time to reflect.
So since my last posting...
I've wrapped up all my courses and emerged, slightly scarred and mentally exhausted from 4 consequetive finals. God, the pain, I never rememebered it being this bad but alas, I am a wimp and tend to fortunately have retrograde amnesia towards unhappy events. ITS OVER *hurray* :)
No more late nights/early morning spent in my home away from home, the dining hall! Not for awhile at least.

The UROP presentation went amazingly well and I'll be continueing my research into IAP, but not too seriously during the school year. One of these days I'll tell you all about my exciting escapades with the electron transfer pathway in Toluene monooxygenase found in the friendly bacteria Pseudomonas Stutzeri..but I'll save that lovely bedtime story for later.

So my plans for IAP include finishing up my current research and taking all the PEs I can! I really really want to do Ballroom dancing and am currently regsitered for kickboxing (hiya!). I've also registered for a truffLE making class and medieval food class. Anyone up for waking up early on Saturday morning to learn how to ring churchbells? And on Sundays I'll be on EMT shifts most likely. So look for me in my sexy uniform. In terms of sisterly bonding I can't wait for sorority recruitment at the beginning of February. Basically I WANT TO DO EVERYTHING and hopefully rest a bit in between so I can be all ready and rearing to go for spring semester.
*rawr! take that MIT*

New Year's resolutions
1. sleep at least 6 hours a day (and during vacation not to exceed 13)
2. don't spend too much time studying in the dining hall, attempt to study in 3rd west lounge (a.k.a. vortex of unproductivity)
3. be more involved in the things I am already in without spreading myself thin over bunches of random things
4. really get to understand the material in my new major BE!
5. Meet more people on campus, just be more social, go to more parties?
6. Strengthen old bonds with friends (supposedly women are really bad at this)
7. Learn a few pieces very well on the piano. Perhaps pick up the violin again? such a pity to lose music in life. or dance for that matter! I vow to dance more.
8. Do more things that make me happy. :)
and some other resolutions that are more personal.

MWAH GOOD BYE 2005, YAY 2006!

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bets said...

hi yashi! i'm was playing the amelie soundtrack while i was doing my chinese homework, and comptine d'un autre ete l'apres midi came on and i immediately thought of you

and your stumpy little fists flailing around the keys

NO ONE calls me velociraptor shit and gets away with it!!!