Sunday, November 20, 2005

one of the worst weeks over. can't wait til finals .
life is sad when you realize you can't do what you always wanted to do because you're just not smart enough. Not a good round of second exams.
life is amazing when you're with the most incredible friends.
I've found brothers and sisters here and I can't belive how lucky I am to love this place, this group of people so much. <3
Lab is consuming my all non school hours and its very lonely since my grad student Leslie is in Paris for the next two weeks... and the rest of my subgroup is traveling abroad as well. So I get really really freaked out when its midnight and its just me and the creepy cell plates.

things to look forward to-
(bringing 8 AWESOME MIT kids back to CHELMSFORD)
SK semi formal masquerade ball (12/3)

things not to look forward to-
UROP research presentation to entire lab (aka. being verbally abused by professor) (12/15) ENTIRE FINALS WEEK (sometime mid december- i've chosen to pretend I don' t know when this occurs)
GAH and that is all i have to say for now.
pictures to share:

lovely fall formal with peter, heeday, christina, erin, and dayan

swept off my feet.........

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the other hottttttttttttie said...

awesome pictures!

miss you hottttttttttttie!