Saturday, October 08, 2005

what a dissapointing week.
10 days, 5 exams, bad grades=bleak outlook on the next 3 yrs at mit.

but to all those who pull me through, i love you more than you know. :D
There now lies a 4 day weekend before me and I'm deliriously happy except that I'll be working for most of it. Last night, Nightmarket was such a success and I got to see my old dancetroupe girls perform! We then had our SK 08 "sleepover" and watched like a bajillion episodes of "Sex in the City" ....and then had pillowfights in underwear hahaha. I slept like 5 hours then went into lab for 2 hours in the morning and am now in the midst of an 11 hour EMT shift. God, what a saturday!

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