Sunday, October 30, 2005


"classic red dress moment" <3 href="">

the lovely ladies of next house. <3 href="">

my masterpiece, erin's bday cake: 4 layers with white chocolate almond frosting!

peter helping with erin's bday surprise at 4 am, lots of balloons lots of post its 10/29

my gorgeous roomate on next house applepicking trip to berlin, MA 10/23

me and erin's pumpkin for 3w carving contest "pi-casso", 1st runner up!! :)

Saturday, October 08, 2005

what a dissapointing week.
10 days, 5 exams, bad grades=bleak outlook on the next 3 yrs at mit.

but to all those who pull me through, i love you more than you know. :D
There now lies a 4 day weekend before me and I'm deliriously happy except that I'll be working for most of it. Last night, Nightmarket was such a success and I got to see my old dancetroupe girls perform! We then had our SK 08 "sleepover" and watched like a bajillion episodes of "Sex in the City" ....and then had pillowfights in underwear hahaha. I slept like 5 hours then went into lab for 2 hours in the morning and am now in the midst of an 11 hour EMT shift. God, what a saturday!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

ZBT soiree- cool frat, delicious desserts, thanks huanan! everybody loves sharat, but don't worry peter i love you more. ;)

What a past few weeks!
Classes have a been..well you know. My first round of tests has begun with two on friday and three this upcoming week. I'm most worried about thermodynamics...integrals in chemistry=NO FUN! But on the flipside I got my dreaded UROP interview with my professor over with and though I got denied UROP funding (due to some unrecieved internet survey or something) I am adding a 6th class at last, UROP! Research work is going slow and wears my mind out because I do twelve hours a week, 6 hours on Tuesday and Thursday.

Non academically...last monday I went to Fire and Ice and Herrel's with my AMAZING advisign group! They are the best group of kids ever, I would never have expected to get along with them so well. The food was delicious and the company was great. My advisor is a great guy. I'm taking them out for ice cream tomorrow :). JP Licks. :D

Lots of things going on- begining of SAT classes with the tutoring program MIT ACCESS, the pick up of sorority stuff (SIGMA KAPPA LATE NIGHT!!!annual talent show for Alzeihmer's research), and wowwwww its all gonna be a blur.

I LOVE OCTOBER I LOVE FALL. If you see me just beaming it's because I'm day dreaming about hayrides in the brisk fall air and picking apples, pumpkins, and squash. New England is the most wonderful place in all the world and I get chills just thinking about foliage. Those chills may be also have to do with the upcoming winter....haha.